Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Brodie Is A Bad Dog?

**reposted as written in personal blog, that's why the date precedes this blog's original start date**  
Recently, while playing fetch in the front yard, Brodie got thirsty. His water bowl was in the backyard. Being the smart and resourceful dog that he his, he decided to drink from the soaker hose that was spraying down my small garden. In the process he knocked over a bell pepper plant and decapitated my marigolds. But best of all he discovered the giant mud puddle formed under the elephant ears. This is a great place to cool off by laying down and rolling around in it. This is typical behavior for a lab when they get the chance. So I'm not too mad at him. All the silly behaviors that make me laugh everyday are worth a little mud every now and then. Or now and again, and again, and again. The very next time we went began to play fetch in the front yard, he went straight under the elephant ears when he got hot. I redirected him to his water bowl that also had water slowing running into it from the faucet. He prefers the puddle. I kept redirecting him. And then we came to a compromise. He can lay under the elephant ears to cool off as long as he doesn't drink the water. Elephant ears are poisonous and I'm just not comfortable with him drinking the water because I don't know if they are putting out anything into it. He seems to understand our agreement because he quit drinking from the puddle. You pick your battles, and to me this one isn't worth fighting. It's actually easier than filling up the little kiddie pool.

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