Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Trainers recommend making the dogs work for their food. After all, in the wild they have to work for their food. This is another way to reduce behavioral problems. So we started Brodie out as a puppy on the Giggle Ball. He is so smart that he learned very quickly how to use it. And as long as I could hear the giggling noise I knew he was not getting into trouble. Then we graduated to the Tug-a-Jug which my all time favorite. This one takes a lot more reasoning skills. Again, Brodie took right to it and amazed our friends with his skills. This is still the "bowl" he eats from to this day. Occasionally we will use the Buster Cube. It's good for traveling and camping because it's a little easier to use on grass. Bradley, not being so bright, had learned to use the Giggle Ball and the Buster Cube. But it sounded like the house was falling down and food flew everywhere. Not to mention he couldn't pick up either one, being a puppy still with a smaller mouth. I wanted him to have his very own "bowl" that had never belonged to Brodie. This way Brodie knew for certain that it was not his to take. We got the Omega Paw Tricky Treats Ball. It has worked the best for Bradley. He can pick it up, it is quiet, food doesn't fling out across the room and get under stuff. So when we get read to eat I ask Brodie "Where is your jug?" or "big green ball" referring to the Giggle Ball. But this morning I asked him to find Bradley's ball since I had not found it yet. AND HE DID! That's my boy! He's so smart!

Of course, you can read my full reviews on all of these on PetSmart.com. I'm listed as BrodiesMom.

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