Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fetch Your Own

As different as salt and pepper, so far. Brodie is obsessed with fetching the ball. Bradley does not fetch. Yes, he's a retriever that does not fetch. Yet. Maybe he's just not old enough. I remember teaching Brodie I guess before his natural instinct kicked in. If you throw Bradley a ball, he might go get it, pick it up, drop it and run back to you. Or gets to it and then gets distracted. But Bradley loves to steal the ball when Brodie retrieves it and lays it back at our feet. Then he prances around with it while Brodie freaks out. Bradley really knows how to push Brodie's buttons. But fetch, no no. Two reasons that I see: 1) Bradley's not all that into running. He rarely runs. He watches Brodie running back and forth with the ball like, "You want me to run?" 2) "why would I go get the ball when I know Brodie will bring it back for me.?"

On the flip side. Bradley will go outside and get a stick to bring inside to eat. Finish one stick, go get another. Brodie will lie in wait for the perfect moment to steal it. Bradley yelps. Brodie knows how to push Bradley's buttons. I tell Brodie to give it back to Bradley and he does, of course. But I also tell him, "If you want a stick go outside and get your own." He looks at me like, "Why would I go outside and get a stick when I know Bradley will bring in one for me?"

In the picture is Brodie playing with a stick when he was a puppy-August 2006
BTW Brodie went to the vet twice as a puppy for having a stick stuck in his teeth. And I mean sideways, across his mouth, not just between the teeth.

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