Monday, November 16, 2009

Mug Shots

So, for those of you who don't know already, let me fill you in on our dogs. We have two, Brodie and Bradley. Those are both labs, one yellow, one chocolate. Or as we sometimes refer to them, peanut butter and chocolate. Brodie is a way too smart. When he was a puppy I had to remind myself that he was just a puppy because he is so smart. He did weirdly smart things. He was easily trained. Housebroken in two days. Likes for me to play him songs and read him books. No kidding. He has more energy than any dog is existence and his favorite game is fetch. He is in great shape. The perfect weight and build for a lab. Vets and trainers around will unsolicitedly tell us that he's a perfect weight and it's so nice to see a lab that is not obese. But Brodie is a major tattletale. That's how I thought of the blog title. He wants to make sure that Bradley is obeying the rules. He will come and get us if Bradley is doing anything wrong or has had an accident or anything. Bradley is his complete opposite. He's so laid back. He's not that bright. He's not as easy to train. We're still having poop-a-doop accidents about once a week in the house. He loves to sleep. But when he's not sleeping he is wild. And did I mention HUGE? He is currently about 4 months old and 45 pounds. He is gaining 2 pounds a week, 10 pounds a month. I asked Rob the other day if he's 4 months and 40 pounds, ten pounds for every month, when does it stop? Rob said he hopes it stops at 100. I have to remind myself that Bradley is just a puppy because he is so big. I expect certain behaviors and then remember, he's just a baby. Just a really big baby. Oh, and his favorite game is to steal the ball when Brodie retrieves it. Not so funny to Brodie. Brodie considers his fetching to be work. It's serious business. So, they couldn't be more different. And sometimes it's really funny. Sometimes sweet. But all the time tales worth telling.

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