Thursday, November 19, 2009


Brodie has learned a new command. Share. He can be selfish like most children can at times. When we get a new toy, or better yet an empty milk jug, he wants to play with it all by himself. Bradley runs around barking his high pitched puppy bark while Brodie plays with the toy and growls at the same time. I don't remember exactly how I taught Brodie to share. I think it went something like, I made him give the toy to me and then I gave it to Bradley. Or I gave the tug toy to Bradley and then encouraged Brodie to grab the other end. However it happened, Brodie has added the word "share" to his rather large vocabulary. It usually goes like this. "Brodie share." Brodie stands next to Bradley with the toy touching Bradley and cuts his eyes to look at me like, "Is this good enough?" Then a big sigh. I say, "Good share." And they are off playing. Today, however, it went like this. Both dogs sit anxiously waiting as I rinse out a gallon milk jug and dry it off. This is part of our reduce, reuse, recycle plan. I throw the jug between the two dogs. Since Bradley has not yet learned to catch, Brodie grabs it and runs for the living room growling as Bradley tries to join the game. Brodie continues to crush the jug for recycling. I hear Bradley yelping and know that he has not had his turn. So I yell from the kitchen, "Brodie, share." I go to the bathroom to get ready. Yelp! Yelp! "Brodie, share." Distance shuffling draws near. I turn to the doorway to see Bradley on his back, belly up. Brodie has him pinned to the ground using the milk jug. Brodie looks at me. I ask, "Is that your idea of sharing?" Big sigh. Brodie allows Bradley up AND lets Bradley have the milk jug to finish the crushing for recycling.

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