Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bradley Rhymes with Badly

While playing in the front yard, our neighbor's boy Joseph (age 11) came out to check his mail. Or maybe he saw we were playing outside. Bradley went to greet him. Since Joseph's face was so close, Bradley decided to lick it. Oh, Joseph giggled and put his arms around him which encouraged Bradley. They ended up in a pile on the ground. So when Joseph was throwing Brodie's ball I asked him, "Did Bradley knock you down or did you slide down on your own?" Joseph said, "He put a paw on each of my shoulders and pulled me down." Oh that's not good. I'm not sure that Bradley did it intentionally. Oh, he jumped on him intentionally. But I don't think he knew that he could pull him down and set out to do just that. I speculate that he jumped up on him with a paw on each shoulder and Bradley's weight pulled him down. Either way, we've got to stop that behavior.

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