Thursday, December 3, 2009

Chloe the Clown

Chloe is our one-eyed, long-haired siamese mix. She is an outdoor cat only. But since we live in a culdesac, she has been pretty safe and grown to a ripe old age of 10. She has loved on and tormented all of our dogs. Her latest stunt was pretty funny. We have a storm drain in front of our house. We call it the under-ground-kittycat-club because the cats in the neighborhood congregate down there and use it as a mode of safe transportation. Chloe was in the storm drain trying lure Bradley down there. He rarely whines, but I could occasionally hear a whimper. Then he would jump back suddenly so I can only assume she was swatting at him. But it reminded me of the clown in the Stephen King movie IT. She's so bad.

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