Monday, December 14, 2009

Don't Leave Me Alone

Monday-Day4 of Restrictions. The morning started out okay. He didn't cry through the night after I did a little adjustment on the times of the medicine. Brodie was going to school to give Bradley another day of rest. On Friday Rob had taken Brodie to school while I stayed home with Bradley so Bradley had me to soften the blow of Brodie leaving him. Today I had to take him. So I locked Bradley in his kennel and had Brodie come with me. As we were leaving Bradley was barking. I did gobs of Christmas shopping and had lunch with a friend. When I let Bradley out of his kennel he started crying. That's very unusual. He cried all the way outside and wouldn't potty until I gave him lots of love. Then he cried the whole time he pottied and then back to me for more love. It was so pitiful, it broke my heart. I couldn't leave him again so he went with me to get Brodie. He was unsure as to why he was not staying to play, but once in the car his focus was redirected. He seems to being doing well. His stitches look good. I haven't seen any bleeding, swelling or redness as they said to watch for it. Tomorrow is the last day of restriction so the doggie door will be opened again the next day. Yay!

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