Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Escapee-Armed & Dangerous

That's Bradley. At least it was Tuesday. Rob left for work after me so he put the dogs in their kennels. He came home for lunch before me as well. Rob said that when he came home Bradley was loose in the house barking at the intruder, AKA Daddy. He had busted out the door of his kennel. The bottom of the door was still intact, but the top of the door was open on both sides. So he came out and over the top of the door. I've always known that those kennels would not contain the dogs if they really wanted out. The first thing I asked was, "Anything destroyed?" Nothing that we've seen . . . so far. I can't imagine Bradley loose in the house unsupervised and not destroying something. I think he must have broken out when he heard Rob open the garage door. The funny thing is that Brodie's kennel door wasn't even latched, but he waited for Rob to come get him out of his kennel. Just another example of the difference in their personalities. Brodie- "All rules will be obeyed to the fullest extent of my ability. Bradley- "What's a rule?"

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