Saturday, December 12, 2009

Give a Dog a Bone

The day after Bradley's neutering. We finally made it through the night and woke to the blessed sight of food and pain medication. We sent Brodie to school for the day to decrease Bradley's temptation to be "active" as the doctor had called it. I guess they give them some good stuff when they put them under for the surgery because he has had the best rest of his life and is now wide awake. In fact, I've never seen Bradley awake for such longer stretches of time. Rob left with Brodie and Bradley searched for Brodie. He searched for Brodie longer than Brodie searched for him when I came home from the vet without Bradley the day of the surgery. But I gave Bradley a bone and he chewed on it pretty much the whole day. It's a good thing he can't consume a rawhide as fast as Brodie, but I can tell his jaws are getting stronger because the bones are getting shorter faster. Bradley did impress me when he rang the bells to go outside. We had originally trained him to ring the bells to go outside because he was too small to get out the doggie door and down the steps. But now with his "no activity" restrictions the doggie door is off limits and locked down. So he has been ringing the bells to go outside. And ringing and ringing and ringing. He doesn't always ring the bells to go out to potty. Sometimes he wants to drink from the outside water bowl, sniff the air or torture Chloe cat. There was only one bad mishap when Bradley lost his footing on the steps coming inside. His back legs fell of the step causing him to fall right on his incision at the edge of the concrete step. It seems to be ok though. We made it through the day. Brodie came home exhausted and Bradley wanted to play. So there was a little wrestling between the four of us before we finally got everyone calmed down to enjoy a night of television. This could be the longest five days of my life. In fact, I may have to make an escape.

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