Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Grand ReOpening!

Wednesday- The doggie door is open again! Yay! And it is being well used. The sound of the flaps flip-flapping back and forth. Ah! It's a beautiful sound. Much better than ringing bells. I had forgotten how clean my house can be with the doggie door closed. That flip flapping brought in lots of sticks and leaves. Bradley resumed his daily activities of running out and bringing in a stick to eat in the comfort of his home. Of course, some of these sticks are more along the lines of being branches. But it's cute to look down the hall and see him standing there with half a tree in his mouth. But they have entertained themselves all day and are getting that energy out which makes for peaceful evenings when Daddy is home. Bradley does go to the front door and ring the bells violently. I tell him to go out his doggie door. He looks at me and I can read his mind, "But Chloe went through her cat door to the front yard and I can't reach her."

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