Sunday, December 13, 2009

My Ears Are Ringing

Nope. That's Bradley ringing those sleigh bells again. I've realized that he just doesn't like to not have the option to go outside. Half the time he just wants to look out the door and get a sniff. If he had the doggie door open he wouldn't be going out this much, but to not have that option is a different story. So our second night after surgery went better. We only had one crying episode in the night and I was able to calm him down and him go back to sleep. I'm sure it must be the pain medicine wearing off because it's always a few hours before time and his pills are scheduled for every 12 hours. Second day again was difficult to keep them from wrestling. I allowed Bradley to have his giant bone most of the day. Poor Brodie. He was so good. He eventually quit crying for his own bone and didn't even take Bradley's away. See Brodie can't have a bone all day or every day because he eats them so fast he gets sick at his stomach. But he was still tired from the day before so it worked out okay. Just a few wrestling moments and only one that we had to break up to keep Brodie from dragging Bradley across the carpet on his belly. Probably not good for the stitches.

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