Friday, December 4, 2009

Oh ChristmasTree, Oh Christmas Tree!!!!

I finally have a decorated Christmas tree, sans lights. Why? Because I fully expect Bradley to pull the tree down his first year. After all, he usually drags trees in from outside to eat them. I also left off any breakable ornaments. But it's actually very well covered. Another thing that I have done with our tree since Brodie was a pup; use a scat mat in front of the Christmas tree. It's a battery-operated mat that usually lays on the couch, or wherever you wish. When the dog or cat steps on it, it emits a high-pitched tone. It's supposed to scare them off that area. That might work for a cat, but I don't think it would for my boys. However, it does let me know that they've gotten too close to the tree so I can correct them from any room in the house. Now, Brodie was so very easy to train. The first time I put it out and called him to it. He stepped on it, beep, and then I told him to back up. I asked him to come to it again. He almost shook his head no, "Uh-uh, I'm not getting on that thing." He looked at me like I was a traitor. Why would I ask him to repeat an action I just corrected? That was it. Anytime it went off after that was an accident, usually the back foot, and he would quickly run away from the tree. Oh if it were only that simple with all dogs. I think Bradley will probably stand on it, sound blaring, looking around like "What's that noise?"

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