Monday, December 21, 2009

One week!

Oh, I've been waiting for this day to come. Yesterday marked One Week. That's one entire week since Bradley has had a poop-a-doop accident in the house. I always get so excited and it never fails, he would poop on the seventh day. But for the last month and a half it's only been because the doggie door was closed or we had already locked up for the night, but he wasn't in his kennel yet. He'll hold his pee pee, but when he needs to poop-a-doop, he'll find a spot even if he can't get outside. So I guess the trick is, when we lock up for the night he immediately has to get in his kennel. So as long as he has access to his door or can ring the bells, he's considered house trained. But we made it one week. Yay! Brodie was trained in a couple of days. I had talked to the vet about Bradley and she said that "It may just take him a little longer." She's so sweet. She was referring to Bradley not being the smarter dog in the litter.

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