Tuesday, December 8, 2009


We're making progress. Today Bradley barked. I went to go see what it was. He was barking for me to come get something off the counter for him. Hey, I appreciate you not just getting on the counter to get it yourself. We've had to keep the kitchen free of dishes and push hot pans to the back because this little guy easily gets his head and front paws on the counter to check stuff out. What was he barking at? Well, when they go to school (which is really just daycare one day a week) I pack their lunches in plastic zip top bags. He had seen then and wanted to have it. I'm still so impressed that he asked before stealing. I have found him with assorted zip-locked things in his mouth. Mostly when I've packed treats for a day trip or little cheese cubes or anything I try to store in the zip-top bags. If it gets left on the counter it's gone. But sure is funny to find him with plastic hanging out of his mouth because he chewed through it to get to the food. So anyway, today tells me that we're making progress.

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