Tuesday, December 1, 2009


At least one day a week I take the boys to "school." It's really a doggie daycare. But for their sake I call it school. I mean, I don't want to make them feel like little babies, right? So when we have to board them we taking them to "boarding school." At least that's what we've called it in the past. It's nice knowing that they don't mind getting boarded. They think it's a regular day at school, playing and having fun with their friends. They are so tired at night that they just crash. Next morning, "Oh look, we're at school." Well today when I dropped them off I mentioned to Sue Ann that it was like a second home and that we were going to have to start calling her Auntie. She said that some clients do call her Aunt Sue Ann. So now my boys have an Aunt Sue Ann. They love going to Aunt Sue Ann's.

This picture was taken on Bradley's first day of school. All the little doggies are lined up as the moms come to get them. They are all looking for "their" car. But Bradley didn't yet understand to go around to the door and I would pick him up inside the office. He looks pitiful in the picture, but he had lots of fun.

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