Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Bradley finally lost all of his baby teeth while he was at Aunt Sue Anne's over Thanksgiving. Four days of wrestling and playing tug-of-war probably pulled them all out. I can picture him and his best friend Daisy (white Golden puppy) over in the corner comparing who has lost the most teeth and then her helping him pull his out. He came home with big teeth popping through and huge bumps on his gums near the canines and the ones behind the canines. I felt so sorry for him. I rubbed the bump a little and he just kind of sighed like it felt good. So I put Orajel on them. He didn't like the taste, but I know it had to feel better. Eventually he knew what was happening when I pulled the Orajel tube out of the drawer. He would bark and scuffle back, not wanting to come to me. So I let him have his way. After all, many a dog has made it through teething without Orajel. But considering his reaction to the taste, maybe I'll start using it when he poops in the house. So now he has these huge, stark white teeth in his mouth. It looks kinda funny. Since he's standing next to me on the couch I grabbed a picture for you to see how white they are. You can still see a little of the swollen gums above on of them. They are not fully in yet. He just looks so funny with such big white teeth. "The better to eat you with, my dear." I guess now we've got to start brushing his teeth too.

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