Monday, December 14, 2009

You Little Terd!

Sunday-Day 3 of Restrictions. I've been posting about how hard it is to abide by the restriction of "no activity for 5 days" given to us by our vet after Bradley's neutering on Thursday. Again, early this morning we had some crying and barking probably because the pain medicine was wearing off. After breakfast and medicine and multiple trips outside to potty, I got in the shower. Remember that the doggie door is closed. I did his a bark, pause, bark. That's usually a sign that he needs something like his ball went under the bed or can you get those treats down off the counter? But I'm in the shower, what can I do? Rob is playing his game with headphones on. So I get out and Brodie is on the bed (without permission is a no, no) and he's looking very disturbed. I go down the hall to see the largest pile of dog poop known to man kind laying in the living room floor. Crap! Pun intended. We're never going to make my one week goal. I would love to celebrate Bradley making an entire week without any poop-a-doop accidents in the house. But he always goes inside on the last day. It's not been his fault. This time the door was closed. Granted he had ample opportunity before I got in the shower. In the past it has been just as we were getting in bed and all locked up for the evening. So we're still having one accident a week. While I'm cleaning all that up, I hear a ruckus. Bradley has helped himself to a bone off the top of the dryer. I keep a big tub on the dryer that has miscellaneous dog supplies including bones and toys that in "time-out". He's big enough to get into this tub. I guess he figured that was the best poop-a-doop he's ever made so he deserved a bone. After all, momma did proclaim, "Look at that!" followed by "Bad Potty!", whatever that means. Then the two boys wrestled, growling so much they sounded like something from the zoo. I think I've pretty much given up trying to keep him calm. But the doggie door will stay closed for the remainder of the five days and Brodie will be going to school tomorrow so that will give Bradley a rest as well. I forgot to mentions that when we took Bradley to the vet he weighed in at 54.1 pounds. He's a growing boy.

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