Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fat Cat or Just a Raccoon?

Backstory-Chloe Cat's food bowl is on top of the deep freezer in the garage. She jumps onto a storage box and then onto the freezer to get to it. Usually she eats somewhere between 5 to 7 pounds of food a month, that includes "sharing" with any raccoons that make their way into the garage through the cat door. This last month she has eaten 14 pounds of food. I told Rob we were going to have to cut Chloe back some because that is just too much. And be sure to put it away at night so that raccoons aren't getting into it. This morning I step out and find Bradley on top of the deep freezer eating the cat food. No wonder she's putting away 14 pounds a month. It's not a raccoon it's a bad dog.

post-post: Rob mentioned that in this photo Bradley looks much older than his 6-months of age. That's because when he sits on command he pulls his head back. The longer he has to sit, the further back the head goes creating the appearance of the thick neck.

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