Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Goodbye Toothfairy, Hello Dental Hygeine!

Now that Bradley has all of his adult teeth in, it is time to start learning to brush them. Saturday was a forced teeth brushing because he dug up a rotting root and ate it. You think belches and poots stink, wait until they eat decaying tree roots. Yuck! I know this did not leave him with a good experiencing concerning brushing our teeth. But Brodie, the ever faithful, is such a good example. When he was little, I would brush my teeth to get ready for bed. Brodie would run to the vanity and put his front paws on the counter waiting his turn. He practically brushes his teeth by himself and I just hold the brush. So today, after Brodie's wonderful demonstration, it was Bradley's turn. It wasn't so bad. He didn't seemed motivated by the beef flavored toothpaste. Once he learned that Brodie would clean his toothbrush if he didn't, then he decided to try it. OK, it wasn't that easy. After getting toothpaste all over my pants, his muzzle, and front legs he finally got a little on his teeth. Good first try!

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