Monday, January 25, 2010

Just Dogs!

I made my first visit to Just Dogs Gourmet today. If you'll remember "Aunt" Sue Ann, who runs our doggie daycare, gave my boys Christmas cookies from this bakery. Since we were invited to a pup's first birthday party this weekend I decided a birthday cookie would make a great bow for our gift. After our recent fiasco at Petco, my bandits did not join me on this outing. As soon as I walked in I thought, "I love this place." I was greeted by the owner, Amy, from behind the counter. There is so much to take in, but I walked straight to the cookie display. Amy told me they've been here about a year. She decorates all the cookies herself and that the Valentine's are her favorite. They were all adorable and very reasonably priced. I spent more time picking my cookie than I do what to wear in the morning. Amy was so nice talking to me all about the different types of treats. You can buy single cookies or bulk packages. There are wheat and corn free for those like my Brodie, with food allergies, and fat-free treats as well. I decided my selection would have to wait while I explored the rest of the store. It's much more than I expected. Leashes, collars, tags, bowls, signs, bumper stickers, mugs and a large selection of Razorback paraphernalia. There are a lot of toys including the largest in-store selection of Premier that I've seen. They are our favorite toy maker and is actually what I had been hunting down for our birthday gift. I mentioned how difficult it has been to find them and Amy said that a lot of trainers send their clients there for the Premiere toys so she is sure to keep a good supply in stock. None of the stores that I could think to visit in town had the right size toy for this little chihuahua mix. But Just Dogs had a huge selection of sizes and I found exactly what I was looking for. Sure beats buying it online. I had not even made my way around the entire store before my phone chirped to remind me of an appointment. So I finished my cookie selection quickly and promised to be back hopefully with my boys. I was sure to ask if dogs are welcome and the answer is a resounding "yes." There's even a hitching post if you feel the need to shop without the close supervision of your dog. She assured me it was strong enough to handle even my Bradley.

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