Friday, January 29, 2010

Kong Tails

We bought this toy because we desperately need a good tug toy. I had read reviews that were very unfavorable. But I thought we'd give it a try anyway. Like I said, we're desperate. Reviews had said that the canvas strap didn't last. We bought the toy on Tuesday night. When our boys would quit tugging and start chewing I would put the toy away. That got tiring real quick. So Thursday night I just let them have it in their toy box. Friday morning the toy was in three pieces. I will say that I think it would last longer without the squeaker. The squeaker was in an awkward place so it was difficult to make it squeak while playing with it. But when they quit tugging, their number one goal in their little doggie life was to get the squeaker out. So, just make it without the squeaker. Yes we still have the red Kong toy, but we already had one of those and they don't play with it anyway. And now they tug on the leftover canvas straps. The exact same thing that happened with the Kong Wubba toy. The only part left of it is the canvas tails. Maybe they should just make a canvas tug toy without any frills.

Pros: Has a handle for human use.

Cons: Broke Quickly; $19.99 too expensive for such little playtime

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  1. This is Crystal's friend Michelle. I couldn't figure out how to sign in because I'm crazy like that :) First of all, I love your blog. We just got our first family dog and I definitely see myself coming back to your blog in the future.

    Anyway, I wanted to comment on here just in case you didn't get my response on my blog. I have limited how much people could bring in the past to 10 items but I've also had parties with no limit. Most people that come are wanting to get rid of stuff and are not looking to bring back the same amount that they brought. It's a good way to trade in your "clutter" for things you may already be wanting or needing. It's surprising how it all works out. Let me know if you have any other questions. I hope you have a fun party :)