Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Shoebox of Puppies

Meet Janet. She works in my chiropractor's office. Every time I go in we discuss the box of puppies she has rescued. Over the months I have realized how much time, money and effort she has put into rescuing these dogs. Much more than any individual I have known. Yes, organizations and volunteers do a lot. But I've not known an individual who has spent so much money and time to rescuing a litter of puppies that most probably no one would have missed. So I asked her once again to share the story so I can share it with you. She remembers the date clearly. September 28th, 2009. She was dropping her kids off at school. Her son drew her attention to a box of puppies. A shoe box in fact. Specifically an adult-size male's shoe box. With 5 puppies inside. The children around had become interested so she said, "Bring them to me. I will find them a home." She recalls that the box had nothing but some adult dog food. Not even a blanket to keep them warm. The pups which were no more than two weeks old were already cold. She called the Humane Society who said they were full. She called a local rescue and adoption effort who suggested she call the pound. But she just couldn't do it. So she took them into her home. She, her husband and 3 kids named them and bottle fed them. Sadly, Baby the runt, did not survive. She took Juliette, Precious, Joanna and Butch to get their first set of puppy shots and had them treated 5 to 6 times for worms before they were healthy. She gradually progressed them to puppy food. All of this at her own expense. She didn't tell me the exact cost and I didn't ask. Owning dogs myself I knew the financial cost was more than I would have ever provided for a box of strays. After about 4 weeks Janet found an organization called Out of the Woods who helped her provide the rest of the puppy shots and get them all spayed and neutered. They also connected her with Petfinder. Janet is thoroughly interviewing potential families. It's funny that the two troublemakers were the first to be adopted. Precious had a waiting list that was narrowed down before finding her home. Juliette hitched a ride with Out of the Woods all the way to New Jersey. Butch and Joanna still need a home. Janet continues to feed and house them at her cost. At the date of this post, the pups are 4 1/2 months old. They both are laid back, great with children and other dogs. They each have a low deep bark. Although all puppies were from the same litter of lab-mix, they look different. Butch looks like a hound dog and will probably grow to about 70 pounds. Janet says that she sees him just laying on the front porch. Not that he's lazy. He's active, but when he's done playing he just passes out. Joanna looks more like a rottweiler and will probably grow to about 50 or 60 pounds. Janet says that she will make a loving protector for her new home. If you are interested in either of these dogs, you can view them on Petfinder.com To view Butch visit http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/15190790 To view Joanna visit http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/15190789 All of the adoption fees will go to Out of the Woods to help recuperate some of the money for the puppies medical bills, but the organization nor Janet will make any money on these dogs. Janet's words keep ringing in my ears. "Give them to me. I'll find them a home." Janet has lived true to her word.


  1. They're beautiful. I hope they find good homes!

  2. Butch is headed to his new home in Central Long Island, New York. Joanna is still in need of a home.