Friday, January 22, 2010

Where the Pets Go?

You've heard that slogan, right? Petco, where the pets go. Then why did they boobie-trap us? I took both our dogs to Petco. We are going down the main aisle and there are a display box of "cookies" on the bottom shelf. Bradley ran over and gobbled one up before I even saw them. Let me describe the bottom shelf. There were three open boxes on the shelf. Each box contained a different size of bone-shaped cookie. The cookies were for individual purchase. However they were not individually wrapped. They have a paper ring around them with a barcode for scanning the price. "So they are just open treats on the floor?" thinks Bradley. He did exactly what I would expect any dog to do. And they made me pay for it!!!!!!!! OK, the larger cookies were about $6 each. Since he ate the whole thing, barcode included, they told me to bring one to the front and they would scan it. Of course, I grabbed the cheapest one at only $1. But still, I think they intentionally have these displayed on the lower shelf so that they can make people pay for what their dog already ate. So if Petco is where the pets go then why is it not pet friendly or pet owner friendly? My receipt asked me to call and take a survey so I did. The first question was "What was your overall satisfaction with this trip to Petco?" I pressed #1 for highly dissatisfied. Then the automated surveyor said, "Thank you for taking this survey." That was the only question. So they know that I was highly dissatisfied but they have no desire to know why.

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