Thursday, February 25, 2010

Brodie Goes Shopping!

While Bradley was in school yesterday, Brodie and I took our 15% off coupon to Just Dogs for a shopping spree. I wanted to get him a backpack. When he wears a backpack he doesn't pull on the leash as hard because he feels like he is working. He had one but the stitches came loose on the chest strap. Brodie was so excited to go somewhere. I think he was excited to not have Bradley with us too. So we tried on the backpack and it fit wonderfully. While we were there, I saw a dog testing out a brand new toy arrival. It's the Linkables by our favorite toy company Premier. They are really super sturdy links that each hold treats and have the little prongs to make them work to get it out. Each link can connect and make a little puzzle. So Brodie took his turn with the demo toy. He was having so much fun. I had to get it. Brodie loves a challenge. Each piece is sold separately and because we were buying the backpack too we could only buy two links. So we bought the orb and the elbow link because it seems to be the hardest part. I hope to get more links. We put our toys in Brodie's backpack, which he was still wearing, and headed home. Here's some pics of Brodie in his new backpack and playing with the new toy. When Bradley got home I fed him in his Omega ball as usual and Brodie was eating from his jug. I heard this terrible whining from the bedroom. It was Bradley crying over the new toy because he could smell that it had had treats in it, but he didn't know what to do with it. His solution, pull it apart. So I put it back together and put some food in it. He got it all out. Of course, his food is in really small pieces. When I checked on him he was just licking the toy even though it was empty. He does that because food falls out of his cheeks and he thinks it's coming out of the toy. Silly dog! I'll let you know how the toy works out in the long term. But from experience all the Premier toys are great and the Linkables seem to be made of the same material as the squirrel toys that we've never destroyed. Love Premier. Love Just Dogs!

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