Friday, February 5, 2010

Brodie's Sick Again

Most of you know that Brodie has always struggled with his stomach. In May he began a prescription dog food, i/d, and so far it has worked really well. He has been on a strict diet for food allergies. But this weekend he began to throw up during the night. He has thrown up four nights this week. Thankfully, for my wallet, his semi-annual check-up was today. When we weighed in, Brodie had lost an additional 5 pounds which makes a weight loss of 8 pounds since May. That's a lot for a dog his size. The doctor revisited the idea that he may have Addison's disease. But the test is expensive, over $200. And sometimes you get a false negative which means that if he continues to have symptoms he will have to retest, another $200+. So before we do the test we are going to do a run of steroids. Then he will have to be off the steroids for 2 weeks before he can take the test. This will give us time to look into pet insurance. Brodie did have insurance, but they denied so many claims that I canceled it. So now I need to find another one before the test. That way he doesn't already have a diagnoses and therefore a preexisting condition which would not be covered. If Brodie does test positive for Addison's disease then he will be on medication for the rest of his life. This episode may have been triggered by a piece of Bradley's treat that Brodie got about a week ago. That was the first night he threw up and it could just still be working it's way out of his system. So we're going to take this medicine, check on insurance and then the next time he gets sick we will take the test for Addison's disease. That's all I can really write about it right now because I'm a little foggy headed. But I will post with updates.

Brodie was being scheduled for his dental cleaning, but will have to postpone until he is no longer vomiting to decrease the risk of his aspirating while he is under during the cleaning procedure.

Although Bradley did not have a check up today he weighed in at 64.8 pounds.

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