Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Busy Buddy Squirrel Dude

The crazy squirrel dude by Premier. This is our favorite toy company. People always mentioned Kong as the best dog toy maker, but this company is better, in our opinion. This squirrel should be your first toy purchased for a new puppy. This squirrel is one of the only toys that we left with our lab puppy Brodie in his kennel while we were gone. He destroyed everything, but not this. It is very sturdy. Brodie is 3 1/2 years old and so far he has not destroyed it. We had the medium size when he was a pup and now we've bought the large. When I saw how much he loved it, I ran out and bought another for backup. However, we haven't needed it. This is a really strong toy. This is his pacifier. We put kibbles in it when we lock him in his crate. After he finishes getting them all out he goes right to sleep. What I like about this toy is the little rubber prongs that keep the treats from coming out all at once. You can cut the prongs to customize. I recommend starting with the smallest food or treats you can find until they get strong enough to really squeeze it open and then you can use larger pieces. But don't overfill it. If they can't squeeze it or the food can't move around then it can't come out and it's really hard to get it out. I had to soak it until the food was soft and then dig it out. Yuck! The Kong toys have a large opening and the treats just fall out. But this takes time, patience and some intelligence. It keeps them occupied. Highly recommend this toy for strong chewers. In fact, so far, I have purchased this toy for 3 other puppies as birthday gifts.

Pros: Very durable, Keeps 'em occupied, Promotes learning, Strengthens jaws, Dishwasher safe

Cons: Only comes in purple or orange. Orange is difficult to find. I get orange at Academy Sports.

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