Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dentist Recommended Chuck-It Ultra Ball

Brodie's dentist told us that the tennis ball was wearing away the tips of his teeth. He said the fuzz on the outside of a tennis ball is abrasive and it acts like sandpaper filing away their teeth. At the time he was only 2 years old and we could already see the tips of his teeth are getting worn. The dentist said to use a rubber ball instead. Of course, we are addicted to our chuck it ball launcher. So, we bought these rubber balls that fit in the launcher. LOVE IT! Warning, they are super bouncy and will go into your neighbors yard, so either make good friends with them or find your sweet spot in the yard. He loves how they bounce all over the place. He doesn't ever sit down and chew on it though, so I can't say how durable it would be for a strong chewer, which he is. And they clean off so easy. He drops it in his water bowl and its brand new. It's much funner and more durable than a tennis ball. We're saving money with these balls as long as you don't lose them. All the money I've spent over the years on tennis balls will now be put to better use. Now the Chuck It balls even come in recycled material, the whistler or glow in the dark. My dog's teeth are healthier and he's happier.

Pros: Good for teeth, super bouncy, easy clean, long lasting

Cons: Yet to be determined

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