Monday, February 1, 2010

Snow Day

This was Brodie in his first snow in 2007. He loves some powder.

Brodie went nuts when he first experienced the snow. Crazy Eyes!
This is our sweet Angus in 2007.

We finally got some snow this year. This is Bradley's first snow. It's not the best snow because it was icing a couple of days before and then just snowed last night. So it's a hard sheet of ice underneath and light snow. The first thing Brodie did when he went out was to run to his soccer ball. But it was frozen so he couldn't bite it to pick it up. They both slipped a little at first, but Brodie quickly adapted. In just a couple of minutes he looked like he had grown up on the ice. It was funny to hear them running around, sliding. They were clicking their claws. It sounded like they were ice skaters. Once Brodie was able to pick up the ball he ran for the house like, "I'm going to take this inside and let it thaw out." Bradley didn't react like Brodie had when he first saw snow. I remember Brodie went nuts. Of course it was all the soft powder under his feet, kicking up. Angus just stared at Brodie like, "What? Haven't you ever seen snow?" The bottom picture is of Brodie's first snow and his reaction to it.

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