Friday, March 12, 2010

Badly Bradley

Bradley has reached a new stage of puppyhood. I believe it's called adolescence. He is slowing down in growth. He has average 10 pounds for each month of age. But he is now 8 months old and only 70 pounds. So he's slowing down. He is also needing a lot of exercise. A LOT! Since he won't fetch the only way to get that energy out is to walk him. When he doesn't get enough walking, he becomes destructive. In the last week he has destroyed the shoelaces on my tennis shoes, a kitchen towel, our soccer ball, another giant ball in the backyard and while in his kennel he pulled the pillowcase off his pillow and shredded the plastic waterproof pillowcase. He really wants to chew, but I can't give him a rawhide or anything because Brodie will want one too. Brodie can't have one because of his stomach. But I've got a couple of ideas. Stay tuned. . .

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