Monday, March 29, 2010

Bradley Goes To The Bakery

Bradley went on his first trip to Just Dogs! Brodie got his shopping spree earlier which was all about the backpack and toys. But for Bradley it was all about the treats. After his grand entrance of greeting everyone in the store, he immediately put his front paws up on the counter and said "I'm cute." Whereupon they immediately gave him a treat. That's sweet! He promptly began licking up the crumbs leaving a pool of slobber on the counter. "Sorry!" In fact Bradley worked his charm so many times that he got about 4 or 5 cookies out of them. He offered to take any old inventory off their hands. I had a hard time choosing a treat out of the display case, but we settled on the cream pies. They look like two cookies with ice cream in the middle and then dipped in icing. He ate that while we were there too. Yummy! I tried to get a picture of it, but he gobbled it down so fast that it was just one big blur. Oh well, I got a picture of it in the display case. That picture was not quite as blurry as I expected since Bradley was pulling on my arm while he licked all the customers. Everyone remarked on how big he is. Yep, he weighed just this morning at 70 pounds. The cutest are the kiddos. One asked if he was a Great Dane and another asked if he was a greyhound. Those are good guesses. We've wondered about the Great Dane part ourselves. Of course, we've also wondered about him really being a horse. Nope, he's all lab. Our original purpose in going to Just Dogs today was to pick up a birthday cookie for a party this weekend but the Easter treats were too cute. So I got a chick and an egg. Cutesy! And on the way home Bradley started to sleep off all his treats.

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