Monday, March 1, 2010

Brodie's Teeth

Brodie went to have his teeth cleaned today. Last time his teeth were cleaned, he had a tooth that had turned a little purplish in color. They x-rayed it then and said it was still alive, they would check it again next time. Well, today they x-rayed it and said that it had continued to develop into a good strong tooth. So we are not supposed to worry about checking it again. While Brodie was there getting his teeth cleaned, Bradley had the day with momma. Rob took Brodie while I distracted Bradley. Bradley kept looking for Brodie for a little while. But we went and ran some errands. Then when we got home he didn't look for Brodie anymore. He got to eat a rawhide bone which he never does because Brodie can't have them. So that was a special treat too.

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