Thursday, March 4, 2010

Chuckit! Tennis Fanatic

I bought this toy several years ago when Bro was a pup. Brodie liked this until I put it in the ball launcher and tried to get him to fetch it. He didn't want to fetch it, just shake it around by the crazy "hair" and pretend to kill it. He only wanted to fetch the regular chuck it balls. This toy was a little difficult to chuck and it didn't go very far or very fast. He plays with it occasionally, but it usually is at the bottom of the toy basket. I think if I had not tried to get him to fetch it, he would play with it more. It's like it's been tainted. He's funny that way. Then Bradley came along. Now they can use it as a tug toy which is great. But Bradley, being a pup, likes to just sit and chew off the rope hair. But as with all our Chuck-it toys, it is good quality and I would recommend it. Actually I bought one for a friends' dog on his b-day.

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