Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Homemade Dog Toy #2

So you may remember from a previous post that I am trying to get a little more economical with our toys. Our Chuckit! Tennis Fanatic (picture 1) toy has lost all its hair. So when our homemade dog toy #1 was all torn apart I used the scraps of fleece left over from it and gave our Fanatic new hair (picture 2.) I just cut the fabric into strips, pushed it through the holes, then knotted it twice to hold. Bradley loved being able to once again shake the guy around by his hair. Brodie loved that they can now play tug-of-war with it again. I like that this former blanket has now been reinvented twice to become dog toys. With dogs this large it's hard to keep them in toys so I like to do what I can to save money. Of course, Bradley has decided to also just sit and chew off the hair which he promptly consumes. Don't worry, fleece too shall pass.

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