Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dog Park

I haven't been to our city's dog park for a number of reasons. I was afraid that it would not be clean because people don't pick up after their dogs. I was afraid that someone's dogs would have worms or illnesses and my dogs would catch it. I was afraid that someone would have an aggressive dog and we'd have problems. I was wrong. While selling our house we had to get everyone out so that people could come look at a minute's notice. Where do I go with my dogs? I decided to give the dog park a try. They loved it. During the 11 days our house was on the market, we went to the park about 6 times. I do wish we had started going sooner. They quickly made friends, had no fights, it was pretty clean and they were exhausted afterward. I'll be sharing a few pics and videos of our trips to the doggie park.

Vera, a 6 month old Great Dane, was the first to greet us. She was sitting pretty for the picture but she had quite the puppy exuberance which we love.

Not once did anyone comment on how big Bradley is. There were so many massive breeds.

There big logs to climb over.

And pools for cooling off.

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  1. We go there all the time! Maya loves it! So glad the doggies enjoyed it!