Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day

Today is Earth Day! Learn how to be a Green Pet Parent. I read the article to see what it means to have a Green dog. Below is a list of things that I've done which are considered to be Green. Some of them I didn't even realize when I was doing it that it helped the earth as well as us personally. How green is your dog? Tell me ways that you are reducing your dog's carbon pawprint.
  • We recycle plastic bottles as toys. In fact we recycle our neighbor's bottles too. Well, actually if the boys get loose on recycle day they go pull the plastic bottles out of the neighbors' recycling bins. Well, now that I think about it, it's not just on recycling day. If they get the chance they will go into the neighbors' garage and pull the bottles out of the recycling bins. They are very reuse conscientious. We're proud of them.
  • I've switched to Green cleaning supplies for inside the house. I realized that when my boys are licking their paws they are consuming whatever I've used on the floors and that prompted me to switch. For carpets I have learned that vinegar and baking soda will clean anything. Yes, poop, pee and vomit. I've even scrubbed linoleum floors with just vinegar water and it was the shiniest I've ever seen it. And baking soda and vinegar are cheap!
  • I repurpose our old dog blankets into homemade dog toys.
  • I make homemade dog treats like frozen banana slices and sweet potato chips.
  • Bradley was recycled, I mean adopted.
  • Brodie and Bradley are both neutered.
  • We now use the Chuck-It Rebounce Balls which are made recycled Chuck-It balls.
  • When we outgrow our puppy toys or don't need as many chew toys we donate them to the local animal shelter.


  1. Does having a total of 19 pounds between my two dogs equal a big carbon footprint? =) I did not know you had a cat - how did I not know that?

  2. She's an outside only cat. She is actually Rob's cat from when he was single. Yes, Rob has a soft side.

  3. And, yes, 19 pounds is a carbon footprint. Add up all the 19 pounders and you get like a bajillion, right?