Thursday, April 1, 2010

House Paint

We're in the backyard at night. I'm sitting on my swing throwing Brodie's glow in the dark ball and using the laser pointer for Bradley to chase. Bradley all of the sudden gets something. It's a cup left behind by the men painting our house. I tell him to "leave it." And he does, which is a little unusual, but I see a piece still stuck on his nose from where I assume he has tried to destroy it. He won't come to me like he thinks he's in trouble. Finally he comes to me and I try to swipe the paper off his nose but it's wet and it's on my hand. It's PAINT! He stuck his nose in a cup of paint and didn't like it so he he left it alone, but he knew something was wrong. I took him inside to wipe it off with a wet washcloth. Then I took pictures. The pictures would have been cuter if I had taken them before I washed off the paint, but being the overprotective mom that I am I was worried and wanted to get the paint off in case it would hurt him. I don't think he actually ate any, he just stuck his nose in and smelled it first. But he may have licked some off his nose. I asked Rob if I should call the emergency vet and he said no. We'll know what's wrong if he gets sick though.

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