Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lucky the Thief

Brodie insists that we bring his Chuck-It to the park. Even though we try to leave it in the car for a bit to get him to play with the other dogs he has none of it. In fact, when I didn't bring it in, and he realized that I through like a girl, he actually took his ball to another lady who had a Chuck-It. Hilarious. So once while we were playing fetch a little 6 month old puppy named Lucky managed to sneak the Chuck-It away from Rob and take off with it. We just laughed as his owners chased him commanding that he give. Yes, we understand that keep away is the best game of all to a puppy. Bradley so sweetly followed him around like "That's my brother's toy." But he never try to take it from him. It was so cute.

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