Saturday, April 10, 2010

Momma Cat

My neighbor Lady B tells me that her 11 year old boy asks if he can take out a box and towel to make a bed for a cat that has befriended him in their backyard. She says yes. Ha. Ha. Turns out the cat is pregnant. A few days later, while I was outside chatting with another neighbor, she tells me that the cat has left them for a few days, but they have found her. She's crawled up under the bushes in our neighbor Mr. D's front yard, with her litter of kittens. Neighbor Lady H tells us that last weekend she had set out iced cookies to cool in her garage before her twins' birthday party. The cat licked the icing off about a half dozen cookies. Fearing that my boys might actually be at fault, I offer someone else up for sacrifice, "Chloe might have done it." (Chloe is our cat). But Lady H tells us that her husband actually saw Preggie cat doing it. Whew! All my kids are safe! So we all go look at Preggie, whose not so pregnant anymore, with her litter of kittens. I tried to get a picture, but it was getting dark so it's hard to see. Unfortunately the kittens did not survive. She was hiding them in the neighbor Lady B's garage. But Lady B is going to get Preggie spayed and take care of her.

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