Monday, May 31, 2010

JW Pet Invincible Chains Dog Toys

Not as invincible as the name suggests. This is a great toy for tug-of-war with your dog or between two dogs. But when the game is over take it away. If the dog chews on it, it will quickly be chewed through. And if your dog is as strong as our dog, then the toy will eventually break at the seam that is in the ring. But I've yet to find a tug toy that can really last very long. So this is one of the better ones. But they love playing with the rings after they've broken them, probably more than before. If they don't chew on it, it can last weeks or even months.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Laundry Loitering

This is Bradley laying on the laundry while I was trying to sort it.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


We are getting ready to move to another state. We've had to decide what to do with Chloe cat, our 10 year old, one-eyed, long-haired, strictly outdoor Siamese. This culdesac is all she's ever known. She's very social and has befriended all of the neighbors. She never leaves the culdesac. She has a wooded are right behind our back fence to play in. Here, she's safe. When you move with you cat they often try to find their way back home. With such a big move we are afraid for her safety. Plus the area we are moving to is nothing like she is used to. This is a kitty cat amusement park compared to our new neighborhood. This is her home and we wanted her to stay here. Yes, we did think about putting in the contract, "cat stays with house", Ha Ha. But our lovely neighbor has said that she will take care of Chloe so that she can stay at her home. This lifts a huge burden off my heart. We will miss her, but really feel this is the best thing for her. So if you're ever visiting one of our neighbors and think you see our cat, yes, that's her. Please say hi to her. She'd love a visit.

Monday, May 24, 2010

That Dog Ain't Broke

We decided to spend the morning at the lake. This was Bradley's first trip to the lake. He had been out to Grandma's where there is a small pond and he has had access to the kiddie pools at both our house and school. However, he has never gotten into the water above his knees. He's barely even made it past his ankles. This seems peculiar for a lab; the water dog, duck dog. On the ride to the lake I explained to Bradley that he was born to swim. That the webbing on his feet is practically fins. When we arrived at the lake we leashed up and headed out to the end of the peninsula, at our favorite camping spot. Checked for rangers and then let the beasts loose. The water was extremely high. And Bradley took to it immediately. We were shocked. He didn't actually swim right away. He leaped through the water. But when he crossed over the area where the stairs are (now under water) he went under. But he came up, albeit a little scared, we cheered and he started to swim. Yay for Bradley! From then on he continued to surprise us. He fetched! If you know our dogs, you know that Brodie is the fetcher and Bradley is the thief. Bradley never fetches. We weren't sure he even knew how. But like a lab to water, he started fetching. And not just the ball, he fetched sticks too, which he later sat down and ate. When he would get tired of swimming he would try to hitch a ride on Brodie's back. It was pretty funny. They got a little fan club watching them. Got to lick some kiddies in the face which is always fun. It was quite the excitement for a half day. And a great break for all of us.

Cesar's Way

Cesar's Way: The Natural Everyday Guide to Understanding and Correcting Common Dog Problems

"Learn what goes on inside your dog's mind and develop a positive, fulfilling relationship with your best friend."

You'll learn:
  • What your dog really needs may not be what you're giving him
  • Why a dog's natural pack instincts are the key to your happy relationship
  • How to relate to your dog on a canine level
  • There are no "problem breeds," just problem owners
  • Why every dog needs a job
  • How to choose a dog who's right for you and your family
  • The difference between discipline and punishment
As Cesar clearly states in the book, this is not a dog training book. It is a dog psychology book. But as a psychology major and avid dog-lover I really enjoyed it. However, I think his ideas are extreme and impractical for most people. I understand his theories and even agree with them. But this is Cesar's job. And he has a whole staff to support him and his pack of dogs. The everyday person does not have that luxury. And according to Cesar, if you cannot give your dog at least 2 one-hour walks a day, on top of training and play, then you should not even own a dog. If only those who could manage that owned dogs we would have a lot of homeless dogs. Again, I'm not saying that I disagree with him, I just think he is a little idealistic. I do appreciate that he does not believe in bad breeds and works really hard to not have any dog euthanized. But if your dog does not see you as the leader, read this book. Even though it's not about training, you will learn ways to establish leadership. I've recommended it to people and will continue to do so either because of their shared interest in dog psychology or because they are not the leader of the pack. I respect Cesar for his work and he does have a lot of good information.

If you are interested in purchasing his book, click here.
If you would like a subscription to the magazine Cesar's Way, click here.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Puppy Needs a Home

Meet Smokey. This puppy needs a new home. He is an Australian Shepherd/German Shepherd mix. Born Dec 2009. No shots or anything! urrr....!!!! He is timid, but playful when he is comfortable. Gets along with my friend's Labradoodle very well. However he acts like someone has beat him, because he cowards down very easily. If you interested in giving this little guy a forever home that is healthy and stable, please contact me at

Thursday, May 20, 2010

10% off At Motel 6 When Pooch Stays Too

We'll be traveling soon as we move across states. We'll have to check out this deal. Motel 6 is proud to offer American Kennel Club registrants clean comfortable rooms at a great price. Just book your next stay here and get 10% off. Plus, Motel 6 is Pet Friendly, so rest assured that "We'll leave the light on for you (and your dog)".

Pet Travel Brochure (PDF)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Going Away Pawty

One thing that I will miss greatly when we move is our doggie daycare. Brodie has been going at least one day a week for most of his life. This is also where they stay when we leave town. "Aunt" SueAnn and "Aunt" Sally have practically helped raise Brodie. And Bradley would be more badly without them. There, I know they are safe. There, I know they have fun and don't wonder where I am. When we pull into the driveway Brodie starts crying with excitement. And when I pick them up they are the most tiredest puppies you would ever see. They love it and we love it. So to say goodbye to all our friends at school we had a little going away party. We had cake and played. It was so much fun.

Rob made friends quickly, but Bradley is a jealous dog.
This is our table set up in the indoor playroom. We had to let the dogs come in one at a time to get their cake or we would have had them all on top of the table.

This is the people cake.

This is the cake for the dogs from Just Dogs Bakery

Zaney working for her cake. We did turn our back and heard a noise only to turn back around and see Zaney standing all fours on the table just eating the dog cake.

Summer working for her cake

Katherine & Ben

playing ball

cooling off

Eileen & Summer

Bradley got to try out some agility stuff.

It was a chance to get to see lots of their friends

We're not crying yet because they still get to go to school until the day we move. So we'll save the tears for that last day.

Friday, May 14, 2010

A Dog by Any Other Name. . .

American Kennel Club News Article
Lady and Bear Most Popular Names for Dogs

Date of Article: October 01, 2008

Move over "Fido," the American Kennel Club® (AKC®) today announced that "Lady" and "Bear" top the list of most popular male/female dog names in the U.S.

A survey of 2007 AKC registration statistics showed that, in addition to Lady, Belle/Bell/Bella, Princess, Mae/May, Bear, Blue, Max/Maximus/Maxwell, Rose, Daisy, and Duke round out the top ten dog names.

"Traditionally names based on a puppy’s physical appearance or personality, such as ‘Spot’ or ‘Sassy,’ have been popular with dog owners,’" said AKC Spokesperson Lisa Peterson. "Today we are seeing human names, such as ‘Jack’ and ‘Molly,’ and names that reflect a pet’s stature in the home, such as ‘King’ and ‘Princess,’ gain in popularity as more people consider their dog a valued member of the family."

The top male/female dog names, according to the AKC are:

Most Popular Male Dog Names* Most Popular Female Dog Names*
1. Bear

1. Lady

2. Blue

2. Belle/Bell/Bella

3. Max/Maximus/Maxwell

3. Princess

4. Duke

4. Mae/May

5. Buddy

5. Rose

6. Jack

6. Daisy

7. Prince

7. Grace/Gracie

8. King

8. Baby

9. Bailey

9. Molly

10. Rocky

10. Maggie

11. Harley

11. Sadie

12. Jake

12. Ann/Annie

13. Shadow

13. Star

14. Lucky

14. Lily/Lilly

15. Hunter

15. Angel

16. Dakota

16. Coco/Cocoa

17. Lou

17. Sophie/Sophia

18. Midnight

18. Lucy

19. Cooper

19. Abby/Abigail

20. Buster

20. Marie

The AKC offers the following rules to consider when naming your pooch:

  • Names often reflect the character of your pet. Observe your dog for a few days and see if his personality suggests a name. Is he regal? Does she always want to be the center of attention? If so, how about "King" or "Star"?
  • Short, sweet and easily recognizable names work best in getting your dog to be responsive. Use a name that is one or two syllables, ending with a vowel, such as "Sadie" or "Rocky."
  • Don’t choose a name that is too long or difficult to say. A name such as "Sir Barks A Lot" will only confuse your dog.
  • Avoid names that sound like commands. Names like "Joe" sound like "no" when called.
  • Pick a name that will fit your dog regardless of his age. For example, a puppy named "Fuzzy" may not be a good fit after he grows into adulthood.
  • Don’t name your dog after a friend or family member without getting their prior permission. You never know who could be offended.
  • Test out the name you would like to give your dog for a day or two. Remember any name you give your dog will be a 10-to-15-year commitment for the life of the dog.
  • After you chose a name for your dog make sure you use it often so he can learn it more quickly.
  • Don’t raise your voice every time you call him, and try to use his name in positive, playful settings, such as when you feed him, play with him or pet him.

Additional information on caring for your dog can be found online at

* The AKC’s most popular dog names represent the 157 AKC registered breeds. Information was extracted from 2007 AKC registered dog names. General words were eliminated to reflect the most common name given.AKC allows up to 36 characters in a name.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Brodie!

Four years ago my babydog Brodie was born.
This is Sage. She was such a good momma.
Thank you to Heike (the breeder) for all the baby pics.

In the picture above notice the puppy laying on his back with his feet in the air, head under momma. Click on the pic if you need to see it bigger. So sweet!
Can you pick out Brodie? Me neither.

Here he is!!!

Happy Birthday to Brodie! He is 4 years old today.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Beloved Backyard

We're moving soon. Our new backyard will not be nearly as big as this one. The weather has been nice and while we are often in our backyard we have been spending even more time enjoying it while we still have it. Here are some photos of my boys playing with Daddy. Sorry about the quality of the photos. I didn't check the setting of the camera before I started shooting.

Here's a picture of Brodie jumping to catch the ball. He is really good. I mean really good.

Here's something you don't see very often, Bradley running. He doesn't like fetch so much because of the long distance running. But he's liking the catch game of catch where Rob bounces it off the fence.

Here's Bradley getting ready to try and catch the ball. I say "try" because he's still learning to catch. I think his clumsiness is a sign that he is still growing because he can't really control all of his body yet.

Bradley's favorite game is to steal the ball and play keep away. This is Rob trying to get the ball back from Bradley.

It took some work to get a picture of them together and both looking at the camera.

This is how Bradley responds to being told to "sit". He barks. He still wanted to play. I told Rob that when he said "sit", Bradley said "throw". Sit. Throw. Sit Throw. That's how that photo session went.

In Bradley's game of keep away he can get a little slobber build up under his chin. This really is just a little. When he gets excited he slobbers. We've actually started keeping a hand towel at the couch. It's called the slobber towel. It's sad when I have to hand it to guests.

Stamps to the Rescue!!!

I don't know why I am just finding this out. The US Postal Service is working together with Ellen DeGeneres and Halo to feed shelter pets. You buy the stamps and Halo buys the food for 1 million shelter pets. So start buying those stamps.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Friday, May 7, 2010

Paws on the Pavement

It's time for our Eleventh Annual Paws on the Pavement!
Saturday, May 15, 2010
Murray Park, Little Rock

CARE for Animals 11th Annual Paws on the Pavement this year will include a 5K Run, 1 mile Fun Walk, and a 3 on 3 Co-Ed Volleyball Tournament!

Runners and walkers can join in the 5k and pets are welcome to participate with their owners in the 1 Mile Fun Run/Walk.

There will be plenty of fun and activities for both pet and owners. Click here for more details.

Online Registration is now OPEN!

Registrations are being accepted online until Thursday, May 13th at midnight, or you can register at the CARE Headquarters and store until Friday, May 14th. Registrations will also be accepted at Murray Park on Saturday, May 15th -- See you there!