Monday, May 10, 2010

Beloved Backyard

We're moving soon. Our new backyard will not be nearly as big as this one. The weather has been nice and while we are often in our backyard we have been spending even more time enjoying it while we still have it. Here are some photos of my boys playing with Daddy. Sorry about the quality of the photos. I didn't check the setting of the camera before I started shooting.

Here's a picture of Brodie jumping to catch the ball. He is really good. I mean really good.

Here's something you don't see very often, Bradley running. He doesn't like fetch so much because of the long distance running. But he's liking the catch game of catch where Rob bounces it off the fence.

Here's Bradley getting ready to try and catch the ball. I say "try" because he's still learning to catch. I think his clumsiness is a sign that he is still growing because he can't really control all of his body yet.

Bradley's favorite game is to steal the ball and play keep away. This is Rob trying to get the ball back from Bradley.

It took some work to get a picture of them together and both looking at the camera.

This is how Bradley responds to being told to "sit". He barks. He still wanted to play. I told Rob that when he said "sit", Bradley said "throw". Sit. Throw. Sit Throw. That's how that photo session went.

In Bradley's game of keep away he can get a little slobber build up under his chin. This really is just a little. When he gets excited he slobbers. We've actually started keeping a hand towel at the couch. It's called the slobber towel. It's sad when I have to hand it to guests.

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