Wednesday, May 26, 2010


We are getting ready to move to another state. We've had to decide what to do with Chloe cat, our 10 year old, one-eyed, long-haired, strictly outdoor Siamese. This culdesac is all she's ever known. She's very social and has befriended all of the neighbors. She never leaves the culdesac. She has a wooded are right behind our back fence to play in. Here, she's safe. When you move with you cat they often try to find their way back home. With such a big move we are afraid for her safety. Plus the area we are moving to is nothing like she is used to. This is a kitty cat amusement park compared to our new neighborhood. This is her home and we wanted her to stay here. Yes, we did think about putting in the contract, "cat stays with house", Ha Ha. But our lovely neighbor has said that she will take care of Chloe so that she can stay at her home. This lifts a huge burden off my heart. We will miss her, but really feel this is the best thing for her. So if you're ever visiting one of our neighbors and think you see our cat, yes, that's her. Please say hi to her. She'd love a visit.


  1. I don't think I could ever part with Jack, my cat. I totally understand where you are coming from, but I still don't think I could leave him behind. Plus, Jack doesn't sound like Chloe in temperment, he loves people and me, NOT a particular place. We've moved Jack from Yuma, AZ to Phoenix and he has had NO problems with adjusting, because I'm here, too. He is a wonderful car traveler, which is so unlike cats. Tora, our 13 year old who died this past September was horrible in cars. He's meow his furry head off and drive everyone batty in the car. Jack never says a "word."
    Hope Chloe has a good life and your neighbor is very thoughtful to take her in. She's a beautiful cat.

  2. Yes, Chloe was definitely an outside Cat. I stress the word was. She does love people though. But she loves all people and is not particularly loyal to one. Did you see the follow-up post called "What's Chloe Up To?" in June of 2010. She's doing great. It made me feel even better about our decision. She really loved our culdesac. She was the culdesac cat. Read the follow-up. It's sweet.