Monday, May 17, 2010

Going Away Pawty

One thing that I will miss greatly when we move is our doggie daycare. Brodie has been going at least one day a week for most of his life. This is also where they stay when we leave town. "Aunt" SueAnn and "Aunt" Sally have practically helped raise Brodie. And Bradley would be more badly without them. There, I know they are safe. There, I know they have fun and don't wonder where I am. When we pull into the driveway Brodie starts crying with excitement. And when I pick them up they are the most tiredest puppies you would ever see. They love it and we love it. So to say goodbye to all our friends at school we had a little going away party. We had cake and played. It was so much fun.

Rob made friends quickly, but Bradley is a jealous dog.
This is our table set up in the indoor playroom. We had to let the dogs come in one at a time to get their cake or we would have had them all on top of the table.

This is the people cake.

This is the cake for the dogs from Just Dogs Bakery

Zaney working for her cake. We did turn our back and heard a noise only to turn back around and see Zaney standing all fours on the table just eating the dog cake.

Summer working for her cake

Katherine & Ben

playing ball

cooling off

Eileen & Summer

Bradley got to try out some agility stuff.

It was a chance to get to see lots of their friends

We're not crying yet because they still get to go to school until the day we move. So we'll save the tears for that last day.

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