Monday, May 24, 2010

That Dog Ain't Broke

We decided to spend the morning at the lake. This was Bradley's first trip to the lake. He had been out to Grandma's where there is a small pond and he has had access to the kiddie pools at both our house and school. However, he has never gotten into the water above his knees. He's barely even made it past his ankles. This seems peculiar for a lab; the water dog, duck dog. On the ride to the lake I explained to Bradley that he was born to swim. That the webbing on his feet is practically fins. When we arrived at the lake we leashed up and headed out to the end of the peninsula, at our favorite camping spot. Checked for rangers and then let the beasts loose. The water was extremely high. And Bradley took to it immediately. We were shocked. He didn't actually swim right away. He leaped through the water. But when he crossed over the area where the stairs are (now under water) he went under. But he came up, albeit a little scared, we cheered and he started to swim. Yay for Bradley! From then on he continued to surprise us. He fetched! If you know our dogs, you know that Brodie is the fetcher and Bradley is the thief. Bradley never fetches. We weren't sure he even knew how. But like a lab to water, he started fetching. And not just the ball, he fetched sticks too, which he later sat down and ate. When he would get tired of swimming he would try to hitch a ride on Brodie's back. It was pretty funny. They got a little fan club watching them. Got to lick some kiddies in the face which is always fun. It was quite the excitement for a half day. And a great break for all of us.

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