Monday, June 21, 2010

And We're Off. . .

The next morning we went back to the house and picked up our home in a truck. Chloe was still hiding so I never really got to say goodbye. We began the long journey ahead. We were going to
make it in two days, but at our half way point the boys were doing so good that I said let's press on. Brodie is not calm in the car. He's always up, whining "Are we there yet? Are we there yet?" Won't relax. Smudging up the window. Won't even put his butt on the seat. So we had asked the vet for something to relax him. He gave us enough for both dogs. I never did give Bradley any meds and he slept the entire way there. But the first 3 hours Brodie was still anxious. When the meds finally did kick in he managed to get his head down on the seat but his butt was still in the air. So funny! Brodie also has a LARGE personal space. To help the ride we bought one of those thing that straps onto the seat and kinda makes a hammock thing in the backseat. We hoped it would give them more room and it did. Bradley decided that it was nice to ride on the hammock part (above the floorboard area)  instead of the seat. Basically doubled the sleeping area.

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