Thursday, June 24, 2010

Welcome Home Boys!

Day 4 By now as much time as we had spent in the car,  Brodie had decided to allow Bradley into his personal space. In fact, it sometimes worked to his benefit, as a pillow or something. As you can see from the photos, traveling is tiring for a puppy dog. It's a lot of work.I think that this trip was a bonding experience for the boys. Well, maybe Bradley was just sleeping, but Brodie definitely had to stretch himself.After killing all the grass at the hotel and being asked not to come through the lobby anymore, we were finally able to move into our house.       When we got there, they just settled right in. It's like they knew that this was our new home. I don't know if they were feeding off of our excitement or sensed us feeling that we had finally reached our destination. But they just started running all over the place. All over the backyard. And sense we couldn't unload the truck until the next day, well, what else is there to do in an empty house except PLAY FRISBEE!

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