Friday, June 18, 2010

We've Moved!

Sorry for the absence. If you've kept up with us, you know we've been in the process of moving. Well, we're here in our new home. It was quite the challenge. Because of the possible cuteness overload (and because I'm quite busy) I will deliver the stories and pics to you in a series.
While the dogs were at their last day of daycare and Chloe hid from the commotion, our friends and family loaded all of our belongings into a truck. With an empty house and a long drive ahead of us the next day we opted to stay the night in a hotel. This was the first night that either Brodie or Bradley had ever stayed in a hotel. You would have thought they were royalty. They were a little anxious going into the room. But once they realized that huge thing taking up so much space was a bed, they just jumped right up and got cozy. Then Brodie discovered the bathroom and begged to drink from the tub faucet like he does at home. But since they were a little nervous we decided to let them sleep in the bed if they wanted. Their kennels were open if they preferred. Bradley will always choose the bed, draped over both our feet. Brodie chose the couch. Of course, first he indicated that he needed all of his blankets put up on it. Silly dog. We even went and ate the breakfast in the lobby without them howling and barking from the abandonment. First night was a success. Now the real journey begins.

I didn't even think to bring my camera so these were the best I could get with my phone.

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