Friday, June 25, 2010

What's Chloe Up To?

For those of you who don't know, we left our cat Chloe with our neighbor when we moved. For all the reasons you can read here. So my neighbor was filling me in on what Chloe's been doing. Chloe has always hung out in the storm drain in front of our house. We call it the underground kitty cat club because the neighborhood cats like to use it as transportation and other mischievous behavior I'm sure.  So a lot of times when we would pull into the culdesac Chloe would be sitting by the storm drain and then run up to the house alongside the car. When we left there was a pile of things we were throwing out on the curb. Evidently it finally dwindled down to just this. Well my sweet neighbor Miss B saw this and had to get a picture. She said it looked like Chloe had just packed her bags and was ready to move too. Waiting for her ride. You'll notice she looks different. It's because just before we left we had her yearly haircut. Since she's an outdoor cat and it gets so hot we always get her shaved for the summer. It's a lion cut. She thinks she's a lion too. My other neighbor Sweet Miss H was filling me in on life in the culdesac with the newbies. She said that the new neighbors had said that they are cat people and were planning on getting a cat when they moved into the house. Yay! That makes me so excited. They have not boarded up the cat door that goes into the garage. AND the have left open the doggie door into the house. Chloe has been going in the house! (I screamed that part in case you couldn't hear me.) That's something she never did while we were there. So I'm glad that they are cat friendly and will still let her keep her yard. Maybe they'll let her adopt them all together.

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