Thursday, July 15, 2010

Brodie Comes Home from the Hospital

When we visited Brodie at the hospital on Tuesday he was already standing a little, his tail wagged a little and he could hold his head up a little. He just wanted me to hold him, sweet baby. He already looked so much better. You could tell he felt better. So the fluids are obviously working. They told me not to visit him on Wednesday because of his procedure. But then they didn't do the procedure. So Rob stopped by on his way home from work. He said the difference was amazing. Brodie was pushing on Rob trying to get by like he was saying, "Daddy, we gotta get outta here." He was still just getting fluids and no food, but I guess that's what he needed most. Brodie's endoscopy was postponed until Thursday morning because they were trying to make sure that he was good and cleaned out before they tried to put the scope in. I thought this was ridiculous since he had not kept anything down since about Saturday and had not eaten anything in the hospital. They had given him about four enemas on Wednesday, poor baby. I suggested that maybe there was nothing to come out. The doctor said that when there is no food going into the intestines they shut down and quit moving stuff out so usually there is stuff just sitting in there. Yuck! So they did the scopes on Thursday morning and saw no obvious masses or signs of cancer. They saw lots of inflammation on the anus. DUH! They believe that the problem was the valve between the stomach and the intestines not closing properly allowing the digested food and bile to reflux back into the stomach causing him to vomit. That's not usually something that can be corrected with surgery. So he may have to be on medication his whole life. But I would rather him be on medication and live a longer, happier life than a shorter, more painful life without medication. If this route doesn't work then we may have to do exploratory surgery. I'm hoping that if this works we will be able to see if he does not have "severe allergies". But for now his diet stays the same. Getting him off the prescription food would allow that money to go toward the medications and it would be nice to not have to be so strict on what he can eat. Let's hope this is the end of his battle.

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