Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Brodie Goes To The Hospital

This picture of Brodie was taken just last week.
During the move Brodie was on his medicine for one of his stomach episodes. After a couple of weeks he slowly started throwing up again. It has gotten increasingly worse and startlingly so over the weekend. He just wanted to sleep. He actually wet the floor while sleeping. When he walked he looked like an old dog. He couldn't keep anything down and eventually quit eating but continued vomiting and had some diarrhea. He looked like he had lost weight. He was pitiful. I've never seen him so sick. So Monday I looked up veterinary diagnostician. I found one and made an appointment for that afternoon. We went in and I figured they would want to keep him overnight to give him fluids and they did. And I had expected him to have lost weight since he looked like he had. But I had not expected this. He's lost 10 pounds in one month! They did some blood work and as usual the doctor came back amazed at how perfect his blood looked. I said "I know." We can never find anything wrong with him. They did an x-ray of his chest to see if he had this condition where the esophagus relaxes causing them to regurgitate, but that was normal to the best they could see. They did an x-ray of his abdomen to make sure he wasn't aspirating, which he was not. They also did not see anything abnormal in the bowels. They said that they have an online community where they post the picture so that veterinarians from all over can look at the x-rays and see if they find something that is being overlooked. I liked that idea. We visited him today and he was already feeling better. He was able to stand and was actually wagging his tail a little and holding his head up some. He was still not eating. He is staying because he is still on fluids and he will be getting an endoscopy Wednesday. They are going to take a look inside and see if they can find anything and go ahead and get biopsies. Our doctor back home had also said that this would be one of her next steps so I was not surprised by this either.  I knew that Brodie would have a hard time when we left him again and he did cry when we walked away. But when we got home Rob told me that he could still hear him crying from the lobby. My poor baby. Please pray that he will do okay with the surgery tomorrow.

**If you need background story, go to the side, under Stories Including and click on "Brodie's Health"

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